About US

Today’s globalization of markets has required business to explore wide array communications technologies to effectively serve the diverse business and geographic interests. These range from voice and data messaging systems to Internet and Intranet networks
Prolight was founded in 2003, employs more than 30 people, The Company has been established to be one of the fastest growing Emerging Technology Integrator in Egypt.
ProLight International intention with all of our customers is to be much more than a provider of ICT services but to be a partner with the customer's organization.  All of our customers benefit from such an alliance through the ease of transfer of skills and knowledge through all levels of the organization.  This wealth of expertise can greatly benefit an organization in areas such as: corporate and departmental strategic planning, management consulting, technology impact planning, etc.
ProLight International selected very carefully its management and highly qualified technical team based on many
condition in addition to their experience in the Egyptian Market.
The key strategy of Prolight International, is keeping  help its customers to achieve their goals is the key to our success We precisely listen to our customers specific needs, respond rapidly by delivering new and constantly improving products and build relationships based on trust, respect and mutual understanding.

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