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Prolight International is service provider of the Next technology generation, communications and security solutions.
ProLight is excellence committed to strengthening the business performance of profitable organizations & local government.
ProLight International specializes in design, installation and Integration of high speed, PTP, PtMP wireless and Microwave Networks and 3G and HSPA Networks.

Success Stories

ProLight International is pleased to announce Coc-Cola Co.-wireless network in Egypt.Using EXalt GigE, PtP link, with AGGREGATE THROUGHPUT 100 Mbps, to link a 5 km distant between Mokatam exchange and Nasser City HQ.
We believe this very challengeable project because of we should fighet the interferance and work in 20MHz channel Bandwidth.


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Tel : + 202 3388 4389
Fax : + 202 3388 4689
Mobile : + 2019 992 0009
Address : 9 Gamal Al-Fino St., Matbaa St., 2nd floor, Faisal, Giza, Egypt


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